18 Little Things You Can Do to Ensure You Have a Good Day, Every Day.

Hello, from the world of Mondays! Has it been a dreary yet insanely fast week for you? Like the world isn’t even pausing to catch it’s breath while all you want to do is take 72-hour naps and sip on coffee? Tell me about it!

But hang in there. Because even the really bad days, the really, really, bad ones have something shiny on them. (Nope, I am not going all Silver-Lining-Yoda on you).

Human, first of all, hug yourself hard. Secondly, it is absolutely okay to want to feel happy most of the time in a world that thinks you’re completely off your rocker. Thirdly, it is absolutely okay again, to know that you ain’t going to have golden sunshine 365 days in your pretty little head. Some days it’s going to get cold. Some days it might pour hail and storm and you’ll be drenching and cursing.

However, there are a few tried and tested tricks that will make you feel amazing even when you are super low. Tricks which if practiced regularly could absolutely, one hundred percent, help you celebrate every single day including the poopy ones.

So here’s to happiness and learning how to build your own abode in its kingdom. Here’s to the 18 little things that will make sure that you have a great day, every day. *wave a hello to inner peace*

Take all the time and wake up slow.

Take your time to wake up fully in the morning rather

than jumping out of bed. Yawn out. Watch the trees through your window. Flutter

your eyelashes for cinematic effect. Set a slow yet steady pace for the day.

Now, close your eyes and take a moment to visualize your dreams and goals.

The first few things you think in the morning set the tone for the rest of the day. Take a few moments to close your eyes and visualize the person you wish to be. Or the kind of life you’d love to live. Visualize the joy on your face, the friends surrounding you, and your favorite dream coming true.

Stretch a little. Or dance. Whatever suits you.

If you aren’t Zen enough for Yoga, no stress. Put on some music and stretch a little. Do your moves. (If you like shower dancing, go for it.) This will call unto the good vibes.

If you feel any anxiety rooted in your chest, breathe it out.

On one of those days when you feel like smacking anyone who crosses your path, you might feel a tiny turbulence in the centre of your chest. Pause whatever you are doing and breathe deep, long breaths. Imagine yourself inhaling love, joy, and peace and exhaling out all anxiety, stress, and worry.

Jam to one of your favorite tracks.

This should be listed in the dictionary of superpowers. On your way to work or walking the street, plug

in your headphones and play your favorite music. You’ll feel the corners of your mouth tug, instantly.

Jot down your to-do list for clarity.

When you make a physical list of all that you need to do, you feel pretty invincible. No matter if you haven’t yet ticked any of the tasks off. Organization can help you center yourself and connect you to your calm amazingly.

Whenever you feel the need to rush, slow down intentionally.

This is a hard one since all we want to do is keep going. But pause. Catch a breath. Observe the chaos in your mind and willingly decide to slow down. The easiest way to do this is, listen to some soothing instrumental music or take a quick nap. Trust me, the world can wait.

Smile. Smile. Smile.

Because the minute you do, you feel much more connected to all the good in the world. And then existence transforms from a mundane sloth into a celebratory party-dinosaur.

Be around people who make you laugh. Hard.

This one is super crucial. Always try

and pack your day with bombs of laughter. The more you laugh, the more the joy. Be wary of the permanent sob-balls around you.

Enjoy your meals. ALL of them.

Gather your friends and share a pizza. Exchange knowing looks with your work mates when your pasta is perfectly al dante.

Don’t make a meal just a meal. Make it one more occasion to have fun and to connect with the people you like.

Tell a loved one that they matter.

We are all blessed with a few unicorns in our lives. Tell them how special they are with their unparalleled awesomeness. It will make their day and yours as well.

Stop and smell the roses.

Or go by the sea. Or plan a weekend trek. Mama Nature is the

gateway to all things beautiful, in and out. So if you want some major

inner swag, spend quality time outdoors.

Appreciate yourself.

Pat yourself on the back every single day and remind

yourself of your strengths. Appreciate yourself when you do something right. Love your every atom. Period.

Encourage someone who needs it.

Spot a dull face across the room? March up to him or her and

try and pass on some positivity. Listen to them if they need to be heard out.

If they seem bummed, cheer them up a little. All the good you do will come back

to you a 100 fold. *Aai shapat*

Hug it out.

Never underestimate the power of hugs. It can charge up

galaxies and Milky Ways. Yup. Even science seems to love them. So go on, hug

someone a little longer today.

Pay attention to what makes you deliriously happy. Try doing it as often as possible.

Simple yet powerful beyond measure, this one. Doing the things that make you happy builds a continuous loop of joy that in turn keeps you peaceful and


Read at least one positive thing in the day.

Positive words can transform your day BIG time.

Maybe a tiny poem or a quote could move you incredibly. This is a stepping stone to creating a web of positive thoughts that directly influence your happiness meter.

Give thanks to all the awesome that happened to you today.

Hell yeah! The earth hasn’t collapsed under you. You are

still breathing, safe, and around people you care about. So give out a little wallop of

thanks to the Universe and send it a lot of love.

*Cool wala namaste pose*