22 Little Things Every Proud Introvert Will Relate To

You might call yourself an introvert or you could have simply guarded a fence around your heart, but you can’t deny the fact that you like to be alone. After all, you can’t find anyone as awesome as you!

Your friends might call you an introvert to sugarcoat it, but deep within they know that you are a loner. And you know what, it’s absolutely fine! There is a sense of peace that I find when I’m not surrounded by anyone. I hate people. There. I said it.

Chances are that you are also one of those handpicked people in this world who are too good to be with anyone. You find your reason of happiness within you, and it doesn’t matter how much others envy you – but they can never be as cool as you. If you are not really a people’s person, then you will definitely relate to these things.

You keep a one-arm distance from everyone because you want to protect your space and don’t want anyone invading it.

You hate small talks – whether it’s in an elevator, a party, work, or life in general.

You find your phone much more interesting than other people.

You walk around with your headphones on to avoid a conversation (even when there’s no music playing).

Before attending any event, you see the number of people who are interested in it on Facebook. If it is more than 10, you are no longer going.

According to you, reality shows should not exist.

You have had more thoughtful conversations with your dog than anyone else.

You have at least once pretended that you don’t know a language just to avoid a conversation.

You go to a party only when you know everyone else. And no – they are not allowed to bring any guests.

You get worried about mankind’s future when you see people posting stuff on social media.

Reading your favourite book, watching TV and drinking wine is your preferred weekend plan.

You have to try really hard not to be completely honest to others.

When you go to a party, you can’t stop thinking about leaving the chaos and going home to your comfy bed.

And you mostly leave without saying goodbye to anyone (the second you find a reason to escape).

You don’t really get well with your relatives. Obviously!


Food is your one true love.

Texting is your preferred mode of communication.

People think that you are a cold-hearted bitch.

But deep within, you are as lonely as everyone else.

Nah! Just kidding. You are awesome. You don’t need anyone else.

You have found your happiness within yourself. And you won’t give it away for anything!

An introvert might create a sanctuary around them and get lost in it, but you want the whole damn world. You know you will get it someday because you don’t need anyone by your side. People are poisonous and overrated. You don’t need them. You have everything you need with you and that’s more than enough.

You have you.