These Monochrome Photographs Will Send You On A Magical Trip That Will Be Difficult To Recover From

In the words of The Rocketeer’s, “here we go, come with me. There’s a world out there that we should see.” – but play this and continue to read.

While I’m no photography expert, or critic, or anything for that matter – I just have learned to appreciate the beauty in things that contrast each other. I mean, have you ever thought of a world that is just in black and white, shades of black and white, grey, and other tones of those two colours? Have you ever been nostalgic, even though you really have nothing to be nostalgic about – just by looking at one striking image in black and white? If you have, then this is your moment to scroll and be awestruck.

Dayanita Singh (Art News)

Monochrome photography is not the easiest. Now, you might assume that the splendid image that you took from your black & white filter on your phone is also a form of photography – but here my friend, is where you are slightly, just slightly wrong.

Monochrome photography is life, captured in the frame.

Jaques Henri Lartigue (AtGetPhotography)

Monochrome photography is emotion – emptied out onto silver halide sheets, waiting to be seen and waiting to be heard.

Dayanita Singh (Galerie-Krinzinger)

The best part about monochrome photography, is that in even the darkest of corners, there can be light; and in the most lit spaces of the world, you will find darkness. But trust you me, that is never a bad thing.

Black and white as colours have great symbolic value, and together, they make the world a much better place – one ironically, with no judgments, and one that can actually move you to great emotional heights.

You can never tell with monochrome photography – what might inspire you might affect someone else. And what might affect you, might inspire someone else.

It’s a great world to live in, and an even better one to love – natural or artificial, there’s always some beauty in those frames.

Christian Vizl (Monoawards)

But what you must truly, terribly, most passionately love about monochrome photography, is its ability to capture the rarest of sights. It is that one medium which can hold you in time and space, and transcend the scientific laws of the space-time continuum.

Jaques Henri Lartigue (Everyday-I-Show LiveJournal)

There’s a whole world of photography out there, a sea of endless possibility, and a lifetime’s worth of moments captured and ready to be displayed to the world. Are you inspired to pick up a camera and begin your journey?

Take some time, check out Dayanita Singh, Jaques Henri Latrigue, Alfredo Chiarappa, Diado Moriyama, Diane Arbus, Matt Black, and Miron Zownir. Love their work, indulge yourself, and tell us what you think in the comments below 🙂

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